Explore virtual reality and create art exhibitions on your computer.

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what is Qubism?

Qubism will be a community that uses a real economic system and can revolutionise AR and NFT world-scale experiences.
Thanks to this system, Qubism will represent the solution to the needs of various market segments.

Qubism aims to provide a single free augmented reality tool that allows you to build your own 3D art gallery and travel around all different galleries with advanced filters. Plus we aim to be the best cross chain and NFT marketplace in crypto history!

Membership plans!


Stake 100k QUB: Max size 3D art gallery. Extra reward for staking, 1% of the fees collected will go to Gold members


Stake 15k QUB: Big size 3D art gallery


Stake 5k QUB: Normal size 3D art gallery

The Team

We have assembled a creative team

Token use case

Current circulating supply: 400.000.000
Max supply: 500.000.000


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